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B+E Trailer Training

Since 1997 anyone who has passed their driving test, including having had to retake a driving test after a ban, has not automatically received many categories which historically every driver automatically received. Two of the most commonly used categories were D1 or Mini Bus and the B+E category, or Car Towing Trailer category which allows you to tow any sized trailer you may wish. This category allows people to tow things such as Horse Trailers, Boats, Motorbikes, Go-Karts, Classic cars etc etc… The list is endless.

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Due to our extremely experienced team of Driving Instructors in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex areas we are proud to offer highly qualified B+E Trailer Towing Training lessons ( B+E category on license) from fully qualified Driving Instructors who know how to teach B+E Towing lessons to a high standard through our vast past experience. We understand larger vehicles better than most due to having experience with vehicles up to Articulated Lorry size so we can train you to tow a trailer in Sussex to the highest standard.

Our site is only ten minutes from the B+E test routes so this means we are best placed to get anyone through their B+E trailer towing test record time. Due to our location People come from all over East and West Sussex to use our site for B+E Trailer Towing Lessons. We also have the ability to pass on vital information, not only to pass the test but to safely negotiate your way about safely on Britain’s roads after passing the trailer towing, B+E test.

If you have the entitlement to tow a trailer and would like refresher trailer training as you have never towed before or it has just been a long time then we can tailor a towing course for you personally as well. We can cover from how to safely hitch the trailer to the car and unhitch afterwards, to driving on all types of roads. This can also include how to check what trailer your car can legally tow.

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