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Terms & Conditions

We like to make your driving lessons here in Brighton and Hove as fun as possible but like everything in life we do have to have a few rules. Please read and understand these terms, they are in place in the interests of both you and our team of instructors. So here goes…….

– By booking any lessons with us is conformation that you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions stated below.

– If you need to cancel or re arrange a driving lesson please give us 48 hours notice otherwise you will have to pay for the lesson or it will be taken from a pre paid block booking. The reason behind this is to stop empty slots in our instructors diarys and maximise everyday so that we can see as many people as possible.

– Our cars are all maintained thrououghly and we do not have “old” cars in our fleet to make sure that we are as reliable as possible, however on the odd occassion a car might break or we could get a pucture and I am afraid that we can not be responsble for anything out of our control. However, all efforts will be made to find a replacement car if this will affect a driving test. Regular latness from our instructors without a reasonable excuse is also not acceptable.

– If you wish to be picked up or dropped of at a different location to your normal place please ask at least 24 hours before your lesson. Sometimes it might be absolutly fine, but if the location is a completly different part of Brighton or Hove it might not be possible due to the location of the instructors next/previous lesson.

– Block booking discounts are non refundable. Just like in some industries you get a discount on a product or service by booking on the internet, you are getting a discount for booking more than one lesson with the instructor and comitting to your course of lessons. If under any special circumstances you then stop or change your mind and we agree to a refund the discount will not be applied to any refund given. So the number of lessons you have had from the block booking will be charged at the normal hourly rate and deducted from the amount you paid before any monies are returned. Cash refunds will not be given.

– Gift vouchers do not have an expiry date, however after one year from the date of purchase (writen on your voucher) if our prices have changed there will be a top up charge to meet the new prices. A voucher can be transfered to another person, but an admin fee of £10 will be charged. Let us know before you start your lessons so we can adjust our records. 

– You need to be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres away legally to drive a car. If you require glasses or contact lenses then these must be worn for lessons. Failure to do so will result in the lesson being cancelled or terminated early and the fee for the lesson still paid due to late cancellation fee noted above.

– You must not be under the influence of Drink or Drugs for any driving lesson. Even if you “think” you are under a drink drive limit the lesson will be terminated if your instructor thinks that you are under the influence of drink or drugs as this is dangerous and we have no means of testing your alcohol or drugs level in your blood. The late cancellation fee will be charged as noted above.

– It is the instructors final decision whether a car will be provided for test, if it is felt that the candidate is of a standard where being in control of the vehicle in a test situation would be unsafe then we reserve the right to not allow the car to be used for test.

– In the unlikely event a complaint is made, we have a formal complaints procedure in place. In the first instance a complaint should be made in writing to Matthew HOWCUTT at 22 Dunlop Close, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9SL or via our email address on the website. Once a complaint has been received an investigation will take place. We will respond within 14 days and once a decision has been made you have a right of appeal after the ruling has been received, which must take place within 28 days. 

– Our instructors have the right to work in a risk free environment, threats, verbal or physical will be taken very seriously and always reported to the Police. We reserve the right to record violent or threatening activity.

– Any outstanding balances over 14 days that remain unpaid will be invoiced accordingly. In the event of the invoice remaining unpaid after another 14 days a £10 admin fee will be charged on top of the outstanding amount and another invoice issued. This will then be followed by a final invoice with an interest charge added before further action is taken via small claims court if necessary.