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Driving Instructor Training

Have you thought about becoming a driving instructor? Or have you already started training to become a driving instructor and need some more help to pass?

Has your New Standards Check letter come through the post? 

ADI’s in Brighton, Hove and throughout Sussex,  if you have been called for a new standards Check and need help?

We have the experience and skills needed to get you through all of the DVSA tests to becoming a fully qualified Aproved Driving Instructor in Brighton and Hove or the Sussex area, or to get you through your New Standards Check test as well. Our Driving Instructor Training ADI is ORDIT trained and qualified and also has a Grade A pass in the New Standards Check which the DVSA conducts on all ADIs. We have many years experience with the instructor training industry, from cars and Trailer Towing Training ( B+E ) through to instructor training.


To become a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Approved Driving Instructor or ADI for short you need to pass three tests. The first test is a theory test and hazard percption test all in one. After this you can take the second test which is a driving test which is designed to test your driving skills are to a good standard and finally the third and final test is a teaching test to prove that you can teach a person the correct skills they need to drive safely.

We can help you pass each and every test on a personal “ONE to ONE” training structure, unlike some companies we would never “double up” your training with another person because everyone is different and learns in a different way so you need a personal training package structured for you.

New Standards Check

We also conduct training to help qualified ADIs to pass their DVSA New Standards Check test. Franchisee’s of Round The Bend Driving School get this training as part of their franchise whenever they need it but if you would like help to pass this test we have the knowledge and skills to assist you also. I provide personal 1 to 1 training sitting in your car and also allowing you to sit in our car too for free means that you can pass your standards check with an A grade with a small amount of time out of your diary.

The best thing to do for any DVSA training as an ADI or PDI is to give me a call on 07791694873 or email me using our contact form. Then I can personally answer any of your questions and help you with any forms or issues you may have. Often it is a good idea to meet up and have a chat one to one about the whole process in detail to help you plan for your new career in a structured way from the beginning all the way to the end.

Contact Matthew HOWCUTT on 07791694873 or 01273 834245 or on the contact form on this website. Please do leave me a voicemail if I cant answer the phone straight away. I may be driving!

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