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Pass Plus

Learning to drive is expensive enough but once you have passed the expense does not stop. Insurance for newly qualified drivers can be more expensive than what your car is worth. Some quotes can be over £2000 for under 21 year olds.

Completing a Pass Plus course can change this. For a minimum of only 6 hours extra training and no further test, you can save on your car insurance. You can receive the equivalent of a whole years no claims bonus from your insurance company meaning you save money. This will mean that you will recover the cost of the course with the savings on your car insurance in the first year of driving and possibly more. Furthermore your insurance will become cheaper each year so further savings are to be made for Pass Plus Certificate holders.

On top of these savings you will be introduced to a wider variety of roads and experiences, all in a controlled environment with a professional DVSA approved instructor. This will make you a better and a safer driver much sooner than if you had not completed a Pass Plus course. You are therefore less likely to add to the number of inexperienced drivers caught up in accidents.

The Pass Plus Course must cover:

  • Town Driving
  • Dual Carriage Ways
  • Motorway Driving
  • Country Roads
  • All Weather Driving
  • Night driving
  • Navigation (Not compulsory for Pass Plus but we think it’s important to know!)

You may have covered some of these areas in both your manual or automatic driving lessons, however not in the extensive way in which you will when carrying out the Pass Plus course.

We will make sure that during your course you are taken to different places and roads that are unfamiliar to you. Our wide range of knowledge of the Sussex Road Network means we know best where to take an inexperienced driver. This will give you the opportunity to encounter many different situations in a short space of time and gain invaluable experience at the same time.

Each course will be tailored to your needs:

If you (or family members) have any requests on anything you would like covered in your pass plus course or places you would like to drive we will do our best to incorporate them. Speak to your Driving Instructor beforehand so that we can plan the lessons accordingly.   

For example we have had parents worrying about their child wanting to drive to Thorpe Park with friends. So for a pass plus lesson we incorporated the use of Motorway, Dual Carriageway, Country Drive sections along with our own additional skill of navigation to cover a large part of the Pass Plus Syllabus; which is usually three sessions. This meant that the new driver now had experience of driving on a variety of different types of roads whilst navigating. It also helped mum and dad relax, knowing that their child was now better equipped to deal with different roads whilst having a fun day out!

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