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Photo of horse box trailer

Some Round The Bend Top Trailer Tips

December 14th 2019 in FAQs
  • If the trailer will be standing for a length of time never leave the handbrake on. They tend to stick on so chock the wheels instead.
  • Check the dates on your tyres as they have a recommended life span of up to 7 years. Trailers that don’t get much use, often, can have a lot of tread but the rubber can perish and then fail even on a short journey if you go over just a small bump.
  • Check your tyres tread. It is recommended that you change tyres when they get below 3mm depth but legally they should never ever go below 1.6mm tread.
  • Be careful when driving over potholes as you can get bent axels or damage tyres creating bulges.
  • Mud guards can be damaged from hitting the kerb or large potholes so be careful when pulling up to kerbs as your trailer will normally be wider than your car.
  • If the trailer will be standing for a length of time, it’s advised to raise the trailer so that the tyres are off the ground.
  • If doing your own maintenance use a good quality grease and don’t over grease the bearings as over greasing can push the rubber seal out or it could burst.

Horsebox/Livestock trailer:

  • Check the floor: especially if it is wooden! Lift the rubber mats if fitted to check properly, if the floor is wooden check for rotting, if the floor is aluminium check for cracks.
  • Take the rubber mat out when washing the inside to stop water seeping underneath and rotting the wood or joints and seals.
  • Check the running gear/brakes
  • Check the side panels for rotting at the bottom.
  • Ensure the ramp doors haven’t worn and secure fully. Hinges can drop stopping the doors shutting properly.
  • Investigate wearing on the rear side of the trailer

Boat trailers:

  • If taking the boat to the water let the trailer cool for ½ hour before emerging it into the water. If the brakes are hot and go into water the sudden temperature change can damage them.
  • After a trailer being submerged in the sea it is advised to flush the brakes/running with fresh water, this will prevent the trailer from rusting from salty water
  • An option is to fit a flushing kit to the brakes if it’s a boat trailer

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